New Affordable Art Print Sets - Mini Portfolios

Allison Trentelman

The second new product I have to share is on the opposite side of the spectrum.  As you may know, I love creating my work in series that can go together in groups.  I've decided to start offering my print series in sets of 12 prints I'm calling Mini Portfolios.  They each contain 12 of my best selling images from that series, all printed at 5x5 inches.  

I'm excited about these because they're the most affordable way I've ever been able to offer my prints - they work out to just $4 a print!  I know - crazy, right?!


In order to keep them affordable, I have had them printed at a pro lab instead of printing them here.  I'm really in love with how they look tho, there is no compromise on quality and the colors are outstanding.  All 12 prints come bagged together in a single bag with a cover sheet on the back with all 12 images.  I think they'd be perfect as a gift, or would be great for anyone who likes to switch around their decor as the mood strikes. 

I chose the 5x5 size because this size looks great in groupings on the wall, and many places offer affordable ready-made frames that will fit them.  They will work perfectly in Pottery Barn Gallery Frames (my personal favorite), Ikea Ribba frames, and most art supply stores will also have frames that will fit.  I've even found some on Amazon.


have seven sets available now and I will add some more in the future.  I'm excited to offer my art in such an affordable way and I hope if there's a series you've had your eye on that you'll treat yourself to a Mini Portfolio!