The Day of the Eclipse

The Day of the Eclipse

Every spring I think I want to start a blog again.  To share all the beauty I see popping up everywhere..  The magic of spring in Maine is such a joy to experience.  After such a long winter, just when you start to get used to it, the whole world opens up again and life comes rushing back to the land.  Spring comes with an extra burst of energy here, everything is so fresh and vibrant.  I always want to capture that feeling in photos but I’m usually busy planting, hands covered in dirt, digging up rocks, or deep into some other aspect of gardening.  And the camera never comes out.

But this year is different, I’m not doing any major gardening projects.  I’m also realizing I might not be here forever, and I want to spend this year capturing the magic of this special place.  I have some new creative projects I’d like to share, and I have some stories too.  I haven’t been active online for several years but I’m feeling a call to start sharing again.  So I’m just going to start, with these snippets from my garden.

The weather this past year has been horribly cold and rainy here.  Maine is typically quite sunny with crystal clear skies much of the time, something I’ve fallen in love with.  But this last year has been a dreary mess.  So the day of the eclipse, when the clouds magically parted for a day and we had the first warm, sunny day of spring, it felt like a real miracle.  We still had a little snow on the ground, but it was beautiful warm full sunshine like we hadn’t felt in 6 months..  I laid out on a quilt on top of the snow, like a hardcore Mainer, and truly enjoyed those first moments of spring in the sunshine.

Before the eclipse I found these crocuses and irises popping up thru the snow.  By the end of the eclipse the snow had melted.  Now we’re in full bloom and spring’s rushing in.  I hope you’re having a beautiful spring wherever you are.

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