About the Artist

Allison Trentelman is a fine art photographer & artist living in Midcoast Maine. Her work focuses on the beautiful natural landscape & wildlife on the coast of Maine. Working on a rocky mountaintop not far from the coast, she doesn't have to wander far to find inspiration. The land is dotted with huge boulders and covered in mosses and lichens, and the Milky Way is visible on any clear night. The abundant beauty of nature and watching nature as it changes through the seasons inspires her work.

Allison's work is in thousands of private collections and has been featured in group and solo gallery shows across the country.  Fine art prints & downloads of her work are available here, on Etsy, and on Fine Art America.

As Seen In

Yankee Magazine 

Professional Photographer Magazine

The Set of the NBC Show "Animal Practice"

Apartment Therapy

Young House Love

& many others





Papyrus Cards



Allison Trentelman's photographs create the sense of peering into a silent, secret place, and the way she accomplishes that connects her with the best naturalists, who know that entering that world is about time and patience, observing and feeling.  - Mel Allen, editor of Yankee Magazine

How else can you explain these images? Every time I see them, something deep inside me jumps for joy.  The world looks different through the eyes of Allison Trentelman.  Is it just me? Or is there a subtle sense of bliss pervading everything she photographs?  One friend describes her nature prints as soft and feminine. To me they are full of consciousness and light. -Todd Smith, Transparency

... I am officially awestruck...while perusing through the wonderful paper n stitch I came across these... The work of the talented Allison Trentelman of Rocky Top Studio....everything and I do mean everything she does makes my heart flutter...for today, I am particularly taken with her snowy bird photographs...I could stare at them all day long... -Bliss

I just discovered Rocky Top Studio, which is the photography shop of Allison Trentelman ... Oh my goodness, my heart, it is bestilled! (Is that a word? Well, it is today!)  I am crazy head over heels for her forest floor series, which features macro shots of the alien things that surround us in nature, that we sometimes overlook. -Modish

 Allison is a nature photographer whose snowy birds and forest floor photo collections almost feel like they were shot in some fairy tale world (actually the Maine coast – but we still wouldn’t be surprised to spot a nymph or two in the background). We love that they let you bring both a bit of nature and lighthearted whimsy to your walls. -Young House Love

 One photographer able to perfectly re-create the astounding and heart-stopping images offered by our natural world is Allison Trentelman.  Allison produces fine photographic artwork from the coast of Maine. Her meticulous work brings the magic, mystery, and stunning ruggedness of the Maine coast alive, and into our interiors. -Heartfire at Home

 I love the raw use of softly saturated color and the tiny bits of nature she captures in each image.  It’s as if you can hear, smell, and feel everything about her images; the sound of snow falling, the scent of rain, the feeling of being near the ocean or in the quiet woods. -candacejean