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Blue Butterflies - Instant Digital Download

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This series of butterfly prints was created from high resolution scans that capture the fine details of the butterfly's intricate wings. 

This is a printable high resolution JPEG file.

THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No physical print will be sent.

4 files with different aspect ratios are available to you after purchase:

• 2:3 ratio file for printing these sizes:

4x6 • 8x12 • 12x18 • 16x24 • 20x30 • 24x36

• 3:4 ratio file for printing these sizes:

6x8 • 9x12 • 12x16 • 18x24

• 4:5 ratio file for printing these sizes:

4x5  • 8x10 • 16x20

• 5:7 ratio for printing these sizes:

5x7 • A1 • A2 • A3 • A4 • A5


The files are 6454px tall with varying widths, and 11.6MB

For personal use only.  Not for commercial use.

Copyright Allison Trentelman.

If you're interested in licensing this artwork for commercial use please contact me. Thank you!