New Abstract Watercolor Paintings - available as instant downloads!

I have been painting some new colorful abstract work, and have some new watercolors available as high resolution jpeg digital downloads! I am excited about selling in this new format - it allows you to download the image immediately for just $10 per print, and you can get them printed anywhere, in any format of your choice. They are scanned at very high resolution, and can print up to 30x30 inches at 300dpi and have beautiful textures and colors in the details. You can print them to make canvases, metal wall art, posters, or traditional prints, or anything you like, in any size.

Abstract Watercolor Paintings

Abstract Watercolor Paintings

These paintings are something new I'm trying - instant downloads of high... 

Welcome to Rocky Top Studio

Welcome to Rocky Top Studio. I'm a photographer and artist inspired by the wild beauty of nature on the coast of Maine. My work is inspired by the serene forests and wild seacoast, the amazing birds & wildlife, and watching nature's ever-changing beauty in my gardens.

  • Allison Trentelman's photographs create the sense of peering into a silent, secret place, and the way she accomplishes that connects her with the best naturalists, who know that entering that world is about time and patience, observing and feeling.  - Mel Allen, editor of Yankee Magazine

  • How else can you explain these images? Every time I see them, something deep inside me jumps for joy.  The world looks different through the eyes of Allison Trentelman.  Is it just me? Or is there a subtle sense of bliss pervading everything she photographs? - Todd Smith of Transparency

  • I love the raw use of softly saturated color and the tiny bits of nature she captures in each image.  It’s as if you can hear, smell, and feel everything about her images; the sound of snow falling, the scent of rain, the feeling of being near the ocean or in the quiet woods. -candacejean

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